It’s Not That Complicated

It’s Not That Complicated

by Lawrence Gilly

People have a tendency to need to follow the law of Christ and they need to be repetitive to the
traditions and rituals that have been taught to them when they were growing up or they had a sense of
inadequacy in their life that they need to create a structure in their lives to be sure that what the do or
don’t do will get them to go to Heaven. Everything I feel they do is just make their life more complicated then they need to.

It’s Not That Complicated

All you need to do is let go and let God. Give up control and give it to the Lord. The Lord is always in your heart when you accept Him and let Him in. It is good to have a guideline to work with when it comes down to the Law of God and the rules and regulations that surround our everyday life. But it is how you apply those rules and laws that matter
and not just the outcome.

What I mean is that you can have the best intention, but if you are doing it for the sake of a ritual or a
tradition and not from your heart, your going to miss the point.
God is looking at your heart, not your mind, not your repetitions. Your heart has to be open to not just
the Lord, but for everyone and every living thing. Just because you say the same prayer over and over
and over again, that is not going to get you what you desire in the end but what your heart praying is
what God hears that will determine what happens.

Your sins have been forgiven. When Jesus told the paralyzed man in Luke 5:20, He meant it. He only had
to say it once. Jesus saw their faith and he answered them accordingly. In the same chapter verse 27,
Jesus told the tax collector, Levi, “Follow Me” (sounds like a title to a song someone wrote) and Levi left
everything behind and followed Jesus and Levi had a banquet at Jesus’ home with other tax collectors
and sinners.

To summarize both parts of the chapter, when the Pharisees and teachers of the law questioned Jesus
about both instances, Jesus replied that he wanted them to know that the Son of God as authority on
earth to forgive sins and that He has come to call on the sinners to repentance.
After all that, Jesus also died on the cross and rose from the dead for the sake of all mankind’s sins

All we have to do is accept Jesus for who he is and believe that he has paid the price forever never to be
repeated again. Jesus calls to us every moment to repent, ask Him for forgiveness, believe in Him who is our Lord and
Savior and we will live forever.

He knows our intentions and He shows His mercy and love when we allow ourselves to freely give Love
and mercy to others whether your friend or foe.

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